Philanthropy Highlights

The University of Vermont Medical Center Foundation

Philanthropy Highlights is an annual publication that showcases the many incredible stories of patients, doctors and others who benefited from the generous donations given to the University of Vermont Medical Center Foundation. Both a rich, visual storytelling experience and a thank you to donors for their aid throughout the year, it provides inspiration to future donors and anyone reading these very moving profiles. 

Andy Duback Photography’s beautiful portraits made the stories of the 2019 report even more compelling. You can view the 2019 report here.

The 2020 issue of Philanthropy Highlights was a bit more difficult to produce, as the COVID-19 pandemic put restrictions on taking any photos. We had to get creative in using photos that we had on file, requesting photos from subjects, or take photos outdoors, including the cover below, taken by our editor who was near the hospital on this beautiful winter day.

A few of the layouts are shown below. You can view the 2020 report here.

Philanthropy Highlights 2020